The Wood Foundation

Meet the Staff.......................................

  David Knopp - Director of Africa


To lead The Wood Foundation's Africa portfolio of investment is a very exciting opportunity. We are a small but commercially oriented team, and the private sector nature of the Foundation allows us to strive for innovation while remaining honest to our core philanthropic principle - investment, trade, and jobs as the means to poverty alleviation.


As a Foundation we are continuously working to improve our understanding of how to best effect change in dynamic markets with complex landscapes. We sustain a proactive approach, take risks and make strategic investments based on business principles that provide systemic impact and long term socio-economic benefits to our target communities and partners.


We have teams based within our key countries of operation under the very capable management in Tanzania and Rwanda. Collectively our field teams present a unique combination of skills in value-chain development, business administration, and investment finance, as well as specific tea industry expertise in smallholder development, field management, factory operations, and marketing. It is through these qualified staff that we are able to read and respond to market signals, engage credibly with industry stakeholders, and maintain effective oversight of our investment portfolio.



  Alison Maclachlan - UK Manager


Managing the small, but highly effective, The Wood Foundation team in the UK is a great privilege. As a small team, we work closely with a number of strategic partners in order to realise our ambition to support Scotland's next generation of enterprising, tolerant, caring young people.


Our predominant focus is currently within the education sector where we deliver YPI, an active citizenship programme that is fast becoming of national significance, and the Global Learning Partnerships programme, designed to deepen and enhance the provision of global citizenship education in Scotland's learning communities through first hand experiences of our educators. We continue to work towards supporting positive destinations for Scotland's young people and working to alleviate both the causes and symptoms of child poverty in our country.


Our people will always be our strength, and our impact is testimony to commitment, hard work, and belief in the work in which we engage. Our staff bring a range of experience and skill to the fore, including third sector development, project management, educational programming and a steadfast belief in the power and potential of our young people. Key to our UK projects are Jonathan Christie, YPI Scotland Manager, and Georgea Hughes, Programme Development Lead, alongside a committed and loyal supporting team.