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Global Learning Partnerships (GLP) is an 18-month programme run in partnership with local authorities to help enhance the delivery of global citizenship education within Scottish schools. Accredited by GTCS (General Teaching Council Scotland), the programme gives practitioners an experience to support the delivery of Learning for Sustainability while teaching young people about their responsibilities to each other and the wider world.

With a four week trip during the Scottish school summer holidays to an East African country, GLP aims to enhance primary and secondary teachers both personally and professionally.

During these four weeks living overseas, the programme introduces teachers to life in a different country where the teachers learn about how other people live, work and learn, while living, working and learning with them. By using this first-hand experience, the practitioners aim to enhance their teaching of global citizenship within their Scottish schools and communities, while building the capacity of teachers in their host communities overseas.

Application is currently open to teachers working within the Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Angus local authority areas. It is open to teachers of all subjects, and all ages - though they must have worked for a minimum of one year as a fully accredited teacher.

2016 will be the fourth year of the programme, with the placement in the East-African country of Rwanda during the month of July.

Application forms and guidance notes are available for download (to the right) and the deadline for application is Friday 8th January 2016.







"The most incredibly enriching, meaningful and inspirational four weeks I have ever experienced."

Laura Ince

GLP Participant 2015