The Wood Foundation

Russell Anderson Football Academy

The Russell Anderson Football Academy was established in 2012 by Russell Anderson, who at the time was the Captain of the Aberdeen Football team. Run in Partnership with the Paul Lawrie Foundation, the Academy has been supported by The Wood Foundation since its launch. The programme aims to increase the opportunity to access exercise and team activities within some of the more deprived areas of Aberdeen by providing football coaching and training sessions.

Through structured sports and fitness programmes, plus the participation in fun exercises, the children involved have the opportunity to develop communication, social and life skills while improving their knowledge about the importance of physical activity, nutrition and hydration.


In Aberdeen City seven schools are currently involved and over 1,600 boys and girls participated last year. The programme currently involves children from P4-P7 and is planned to be introduced to P3 children at the beginning of the 2015/16 academic year.


The Russell Anderson Football Academy has improved the childrens' confidence and created an interest in sport out-with school time while giving the children responsible, inspiring and enthusiastic role models.


The programme also aims to:

  • Encourage children to give commitment to a club
  • Give them structure, parameters and boundaries
  • Promote a positive attitude towards healthier lifestyles
  • Boost self-esteem and build resilience
  • Develop empathy amongst the children
  • Develop a positive attitude to school work and behaviour
  • Allow parents to understand the importance of exercise for young people
  • Give teachers additional options to promote physical health


The Wood Foundation contributed £9,250 to the Russell Anderson Football Academy in its early stages and will continue to support it between 2014-2019, with a further commitment of £48,000.