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In September 2013 The Wood Foundation committed a total of £450,000 to the STV Appeal to support STV Appeal projects in the North East of Scotland over three years. Chairman of The Wood Foundation, Sir Ian Wood, also joined the STV Appeal board.

The STV Appeal is a charity set up by the Scottish media company STV and The Hunter Foundation to raise funds in order to help children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland.

Around 220,000 children in Scotland currently live in poverty and in the first two years of the STV Appeal, £3.3million was raised. This has allowed the charity to invest in almost 100 big and small projects across all 32 local authorities in Scotland helping over 9,000 chidren.

The STV Appeal works closely with Scotland's leading experts in the field of child poverty, sharing knowledge and expertise with small community groups and national charities to face the challenges of child poverty in Scotland.

The STV Appeal was launched in 2011 by STV and The Hunter Foundation and 100% of the money raised is donated to help children in Scotland. The same year, the Scottish Government committed to match fund the total amount raised, up to £1m.

The STV Appeal aims not only to fundraise, but also to raise awareness and challenge stereotypes tackling the causes and effects of child poverty. It is firmly established as a force for good; committed to making a real difference to the lives of children affected by poverty...............................








"The Wood Foundation has a clear focus on supporting young people in Scotland, our next generation, towards becoming enterprising, tolerant and caring members of society"

Sir Ian Wood