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Positive Coaching Scotland

In 2008 TWF made an initial investment of £219,000, over two years, in the Winning Scotland Foundation to establish and develop Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) – a community focused coaching programme which aims to redefine winning and increase young people’s participation in sport.  PCS is a cultural change programme designed to create a positive environment for young people with a focus on using sport to help and support learning and development of life skills.

The pilot was successfully delivered in four local authorities and with the Fife SFA.  The potential for growth was such that in 2010 sportscotland, the national agency for sport, assumed operational management for the national implementation of PCS.

In order to build upon the growing success of the programme, in 2010, TWF invested a further £150,000 over three years to support sportscotland in the national implementation of PCS.  The implementation plan is on track with 29 out of 32 Local Authorities engaged in PCS, 415 Local Authority Tutors and 4941 Coaches trained to coach sport the “PCS way”.

By the end of this second investment, lead delivery tutors in all 32 Local Authorities will have completed Personal Development Awards and PCS principles will be incorporated into coach education planning throughout Scottish Governing Bodies including the SFA, Scottish Athletics, Scottish Rugby and Scottish Swimming.