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Ambassador's Leadership Programme

TWF has invested £156,000 over three years to deliver six Ambassador's Leadership Academies in chosen secondary schools in the Grampian area.

The Ambassador's Leadership Academy brings together students, faculty members and the senior management team to look at positive change within the school and community. Columba delivers a three month pre programme with the school, the chosen delegates then attend a week long residential in Skye and then Columba deliver a post programme support package to assist the school in the change process.

Columba's focus on education is looking to transform the Scottish education system to ensure every child reaches their potential by developing teachers and pupil's leadership skills.

Columba 1400 is a transformational change agency which seeks to develop an understanding and awareness of individuals' opportunity to change the way in which they engage with society and how they positively contribute to systemic change. Columba run a series of personal development programmes in Skye which cater for a range of participants including head teachers, pupils and care leavers.Beneficiaries link into the week long development course but also receive pre care and after care within their settings which supports the change process.