The Wood Foundation

14:19 Fund

Since 2008, TWF has invested £400,000 into the 14:19 Fund.  The 14:19 Fund was the first Fund to be established by Inspiring Scotland and it aims to support the estimated 32,000 Scots aged between 14 and 19, who have not made the successful transition from school into employment, further education or training. 

Inspiring Scotland aims to tackle Scotland’s key social issues by applying venture capital principles such as long term investment and tailored development support to charitable giving. Inspiring Scotland has four funding portfolios: 14:19; Future Fund; Go Play; and Early Years, and funding for each is donated from a variety of sources including individuals, business leaders, Scottish Government, companies, and Trusts & Foundations.

The 14:19 Fund currently has 22 long term investments with organisations who are working to support many of these young people into positive destinations. To date, over 4,577 young people have actively engaged in venture services and 2,267 were supported into employment, further education or training.

The Wood Foundation continues to support the work of Inspiring Scotland through a place on the Advisory Board for the 14:19 Fund.