The Wood Foundation

Volunteering Overseas and Global Citizenship

In 2008 TWF invested £300,000, over a three year period, to develop a wider-reaching recruitment strategy, and thus the operational capacity, of Project Trust.

Project Trust was founded in 1967 as an educational charity on the Herbridean Isle of Coll in North West Scotland.  Project Trust provides 17-19 year old school leavers with the opportunity to live and work within a community in Africa, Asia or the Americas, for 8 – 12 months, allowing volunteers to immerse themselves in daily life and gain an understanding of the community they are living in. 

Since 1967, Project Trust has sent over 6,000 volunteers to over 50 countries overseas around the world.  TWF’s investment has provided Project Trust with a platform from which they could implement and further develop their recruitment strategy, enabling them to increase their recruitment team and related activities by 50%.  

The Project Trust investment has been very successful. Between 2008/2009 and 2012/2013 Project Trust delivered over 2,387 school talks, they have increased the number of applications received by 41% and increased the number of young people offered a place overseas by 62%.  Following a successfully implemented exit strategy, Project Trust has continued to grow and develop their programme post-TWF investment.