The Wood Foundation

Making Markets Work for the Poor
Sub Saharan Africa

Our geographic focus is East Africa and our intention is long term poverty reduction through trade and employment. We are focussed on the industry and our initial countries are Tanzania and Rwanda.

Our approach is to increase and sustain trade and employment opportunities and will be based on unblocking constraints within high growth industry sectors. We will seek to analyse the blockages from front-end production to end market and design interventions to support targeted sectors to operate more effectively.

We believe we will only effect change by helping local people and communities to help themselves and achieve this in a way that is consistent with their culture and way of life. Money alone cannot buy the vision, but the effective application of market analysis, quality minds, effective delivery partners and local entrepreneurs will, we believe, create sustainable change.

The Foundation will be careful not to distort markets or purely focus on short term impact. It’s our firm intention to support the local private sector, Government and related institutions in order to bring about longer term systemic change.